Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a website, you know you need to buy website traffic to survive amongst the competition. With you not need more that! We can help you attain the traffic your website needs to beat out the competition. Have questions regarding our services and what is offered? Just click on a question to get your answers.


No. Our service is pure Pay As You Go (PAYG).

No, you could get started instantly in the trial mode. Supported payment options are PayPal and credit card.

Yes, but it has to be legal of course.


All traffic came from websites like your and domain names. Our traffic is targeted by using websites and domain names in many niches which you can choose from. produces millions of targeted visitors every day and deliver traffic from the sites that match the niche you select. Only real traffic, from real person that have javascript enabled. We don't use any spam techniques, bots, or paid to click (PTC) traffic.

Not at all! After you have created your campaign, that will be positioned in queue and once it will be reviewed for approval by our talented technical team, your traffic will begin. Approval time can take up to 24 hours. Most website traffic campaigns are up and running within 36 hours.

Our website traffic is filtered to be unique per 24 hours.

Sure. Only visitors with javascript enabled will be sended to your website.

Yes, you can filter visitors to get only Desktop or Mobile visitors for your campaign.

Yes and we provided it for free. When you configure campaign, select "white label" config. We will now send visitors to this website without any mention of in the referral URL, Google Analytics will show it as a 'direct source'.

Sure. In your backend you will have total control of your traffic. Which will allow you to keep up with the progress of your campaign. Also allow you to pause / un-pause your traffic and change your delivery speed and delivery url.

We provide a powerful Analytic page with all information of your campaign. But if you would, you can also add your personal Google Analytics or Piwik code.

For new websites and websites with low traffic volumes, our targeted visitors will have an impact on your Alexa ranking. Our traffic could also increase your page rank and search engine ranks, but we cannot guarantee it will.

Sure! We can deliver traffic to a website with Ads (like Adsense). In Campaign configuration page, check the "Safe deliver" to active it. The deliver page will be opened in a full page pop-under, but we always recommend caution. We make no guarantees on account safety. When you use traffic for this purpose, it's a do so at your own risk situation.

Our system for sending traffic is not compatible with their systems, so we do not send traffic to either.

We do not send traffic to PTP sites. Those mentioned sites also violate our ToS, so we wouldn’t either way.

Some clients report our traffic converts, however, we have no control over a visitor’s behavior so cannot guarantee conversions. Many factors including niche, website quality, GEO target, etc determine if a visitor converts.

We will do our best to deliver traffic at the speed you request, but since we only deliver real traffic, our inventory can be limited depending on the GEO / Niche target chosen. For this reason, we can only guarantee you will receive all your traffic you have required. Not the speed of the delivery. To protect ourselves from fraudulent orders, we set up all new clients with a delivery speed of at least 5 days when you create campaign traffic.


No, what you use will be deducted from your credits.

The minimum payment is €5 which equals to 2.000 points. We don't accept an amount below this.

Each visitors sent to your page is 1 point. If you selected some feature that have cost (ex: "Safe deliver"), will be applied cost ot that feature.

Points can be loaded to your account and are used to charge for all kind of different services that we offer. One Point equals to 0.0025€.

No, our points not expire.

Yes, for default configuration, if your wallet have less that 500 points, we will send you a email every day to reminder to increase your wallet. Make sure you white-list emails send from to avoid they end up in your spam folder. You can disable it in your personal area.

If you’ve enabled auto-payment, you’ll be charged again with the amount that you’ve defined. If auto-payment is disabled, you’ll get several emails when you have a low balance. If you don’t recharge your account after the balance come to 0, all campaign activated will be set to "disabled".

We recommend enabling auto-payment.

The auto-payment will execute when the balance is low that 500 points. If the auto-payment fails, we will send you a email and you’ll have time to conduct a payment.

No, credits are not refundable.

You don’t need to cancel or terminate the account explicitly. If you disable all your campaign, you won’t be charged. You can still use your credits later on.
If you still want to delete your account, you can do that directly in the dashboard.

For any other question, contact us!